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This High School Defensive Lineman might be the strongest athlete we’ve seen in awhile. His name is Xavyer Arrington and he won the Florida State Championship in Power Lifting (snatch). He squats 600lbs, and benches almost 400lbs. He’s got many mid-tier schools looking at him, and many more D1 Scholarship Offers are expected to roll in soon. High School Football. College Football. Weightlifting. Gym. Football Lifting. Friday Night Lights. CFB. Sports News. Athlete. Strongest Athletes. Strongest Man. Crossfit. Weight Lifting. Gym Motivation. Sports Motivation. NFL. NFL Football. College Football Recruiting. Deestroying. High School Weight Lifting. Fantasy Football. Sports Betting. Aj Greene. Ross500. Body Building. Offensive Lineman. D Lineman. NFL Workout. Football Workout. Football Training. MMG. Madden23. Madden Football.

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