Psst… hey Coach! MOJO is a free app that helps you plan incredible practices in seconds, with drills like the ones in this video. Download MOJO for free: The most important part of youth baseball drills? They have to be FUN, while teaching essential baseball skills. These 10 fun baseball drills are kid favorites (perfect for your 9 and 10 year olds!) —and coach approved. Whether young players are hitting, throwing a ball, fielding, or running bases, they will learn about proper form, and, eventually, how to knock their season out of the park. (P.S…. your 11 and 12 year olds might love these drills, too!) Here are the baseball drills in order: :06 Flipper 1:12 Pickle 2:32 Ready, Aim, Bunt 3:38 Knock It Off 4:39 Grab Bag 6:03 Line Drive Derby 7:24 Mind the Gap 8:57 Throwing Seeds 10:08 The Box 11:17 Tunnel Ball —- MOJO’s youth sports coaching app features world class activities and technology that are backed by MLB, the NBA, NFL FLAG, FC Barcelona, US Youth Soccer, Positive Coaching Alliance, and many others. Sports available on MOJO: — Soccer — Baseball — Softball — Basketball — Flag Football GET MOJO: Get the app for free: Visit our website: FOLLOW MOJO: Facebook: @yougotmojo Twitter: @yougotmojo Instagram: @yougotmojo

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