Youth middle school drills This video is a great fun video with Youth Basketball Drills For Kids in late Elementary and middle school. Youth Basketball Drills For Kids – 8-13 yr old Nice funny video kids will love it 100% The basketball drills are hard enough to challenge them but easiest enough to encourage them to do more These are drill that I do with 8- 13 year olds at least 3 time a week. *Don’t forget to subscribe to see more great video* Drill 1: Roll ball between legs Drill 2: Bounce ball low Right/Left hand Drill 3: Low crossovers Drill 4: Low dribble in between the legs Drill 5: Touch lay ups no dribble Right/Left/middle Drill 6: 2 cone combo drills Drill 7: Rip through lay-ups Don’t for get to like comment and subscribe to the channel for more great videos How To Get Better At Basketball – The Best Way Basketball drills for guards

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