This video includes the best basketball drills for beginners — organized into 5 fundamental skill development phases that are essential for kids to build a solid foundation in the game of basketball. You can do all the youth drills at home by yourself, if you’re alone, or you can use a partner. So you can practice every day…. no excuses! Below you’ll find the contents of the video and links to each youth basketball drill. You can also download this FREE Beginner Workout Schedule PDF that gives you a recommended plan for beginners to follow: OVERVIEW & IMPORTANCE OF FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS 0:00 PHASE 1 – BEGINNER DRIBBLING DRILLS 1:44 Full Body Wraps 2:14 Single Leg Wraps 2:45 Figure 8 Pounds 2:59 Pound Dribble Series 3:08 Half Circle Dribbles 3:36 1-Step Crossovers 3:58 Zig Zag Crossovers 5:00 Dribble Sprints 5:33 PHASE 2 – BEGINNER DEFENSE DRILLS 6:03 Quick Stance 6:53 Push Steps 7:14 Drop Steps 7:28 Closeouts 8:00 PHASE 3 – BEGINNER LAYUP DRILLS 8:33 Isolated Layups 9:19 X Layups 10:06 Wing Layups 10:55 PHASE 4 – BEGINNER SHOOTING DRILLS 11:38 Shooting Footwork 12:14 Shadow Shooting 12:55 Form Shooting 13:24 PHASE 5 – BEGINNER PASSING DRILLS 14:26 Wall Passing Series 15:04 BEGINNER WORKOUT SCHEDULE & BONUS DRILLS 16:19 Download the FREE Beginner Drills Workout Schedule here: The PDF gives you all the beginner drills and a recommended workout schedule to utilize. Plus you get a few bonus drills not included in this video.

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